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The meaning behind our logo

Family business since 1976

Macrobiotic Food Distributor

KOYO means the rising sun in Japanese
​KAGEMORI is the family name of the founder of KOYO
MORI means the forest

The circle around the pine tree represents the sun (KOYO). The pine tree in turn represents the evergreen forest (MORI). Notice that the circle isn't closed, this is to symbolize that the forest is dependent on its environment, the sun, the earth and all the external forces for nourishment, internal strength, for growth and for prosperity.

KOYO Foods Inc. was founded by Teruha Kagemori in 1976. Based in Montreal, Quebec, KOYO Foods Inc. was established as a Japanese food distributor.

Teruha Kagemori was born in 1927 in Tottori, Japan. She obtained a diploma of nutrition in 1952 which permitted her to practice in different hospitals and public organizations for 15 years until she immigrated to Canada in 1967. Diagnosed with breast cancer, she fought and found her cure through the macrobiotic lifestyle under the direction and guidance of Lima Osawa, Michio Kushi and Keichi Morishita. The course she followed allowed for her personal growth & development. Enlightened by her remission, she proceeds to receive her certificate in nutrition. This prompted Teruha to found KOYO Foods Inc with a personal mission to promote the macrobiotic lifestyle.
In 1981, after a year spent in Japan on a scholarship, Toshifumi Kagemori decided to follow in his mother's footsteps by joining the family business. Eager and ambitious, Tosh took the position of CEO and took a vow to expand the company and to shape KOYO Foods into a prosperous business without losing sight of KOYO Foods main goal, which was to promote the macrobiotic lifestyle. His first goal was to manufacture and distribute natural, organic and macrobiotic rice cakes which was a success. His bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, which he obtained in 1977 at McGill University in Montreal, gave him the technical knowledge to design a state-of-the-art rice cake producing machine. Subsequently, after many research, he started importing other natural foods from all over the US and Canada. KOYO Foods prides itself in having been the pioneer in the introduction of the famous Edensoy and Rice Dream beverages in Quebec.

In 1997, KOYO's history was made yet again with another major accomplishment; the birth of the KOYO Foods Ontario Inc. A second independent distributing warehouse facility was established in Markham, Ontario.

Since the day Tosh took over business, KOYO foods Inc., has grown immensely and continues to expand and branch out in all aspects of natural foods and healthy products to meet the growing demands.